A centre of excellence where innovative companies coexist

With the aim of sharing know-how in various technological skills at maximum, the Citadel brings together several innovative companies on its premises. We find young start-ups and companies working in the field of additive manufacturing.

The Companies


European leader in the sales and development of digital manufacturing tools, Machines-3D offers the best brands of 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables, and CNC machine tools.

Known for its expertise in the field of additive manufacturing in France and Europe, more than 30 manufacturers entrust them with the distribution of their products. Since 2013, Machines-3D has shared its know-how and experience with its partners and clients working in various industries.


Since 2017, constructions-3D has been manufacturing machines that ensure to build of concrete 3D printing structures for the automated construction of habitable buildings. Their goal is to revolutionize the construction sector and the way housing is built.

The Constructions-3D team develops several machines such as the MaxiPrinter, the MiniPrinter PRO, the Miniprinter EDU and the Constructimètre. For the optimal functionality of 3D printers, their software is developed in-house with the development team.


Born to meet the marketing needs of all types of companies, Com-3D is a versatile communication and marketing agency.

Com-3D offers various qualitative services such as the development of digital strategies, the management of social networks or the creation of websites. This young start-up produces personalized work for each company with which it collaborates, with the objective of carrying out ever more innovative projects.


Résine-3D est une entreprise majeure de fabrication de résine dont le siège est en France, spécialisée dans la production de résines de haute qualité destinées à diverses applications.

Forte d'un engagement résolu en faveur de l'innovation et de la qualité, l'entreprise est fière de présenter une gamme diversifiée de solutions de résine conçues pour répondre aux besoins uniques de ses clients. Résine-3D a avec succès développé deux marques distinctes de résines (FunTodo et Dentifix-3D), chacune ciblant des marchés et des industries spécifiques.


Termix-3D is a precursor producer of ink for large-scale 3D printing, a material with a mixture of baked clay and metallurgical residues.

100% Made In France, Termix-3D offers a solution that uses two-thirds less cement for a carbon footprint two to three times smaller than other construction materials.
The symbol of the company represents a termite to emphasize the fact that this insect builds its nest naturally thanks to its saliva and soil.


Ces Ateliers Mobiles Numériques 4.0 sont conçus spécialement pour fonctionner en milieux extrêmes. Sur base de Shelters militaires reconditionnés, ils sont destinés à des opérateurs intervenant dans des environnements éloignés, isolés voire hostiles ou dans les pays à faible infrastructure, dans les domaines de la Défense, de l'Industrie, de l'Humanitaire et de l'Éducation.

Ces ateliers modulaires, évolutifs et projetables garantissent des conditions de production numériques identiques aux standards industriels avec un fonctionnement continu.

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